George Schildge https://twitter.com/gschildge

George tend's to work closely with CEO’s and others helping them craft and communicate the company’s vision and brand. Turning that vision into a long-term strategy for pioneering new and existing markets.

He meets with sales and marketing leadership to help them measure and analyze productivity and effectiveness. He works with our clients to ensure success, help them create the product roadmap, create market positioning, as well as sync with the CFO’s to determine budget trade-offs with a goal of continually improving results.

Most marketers no longer need convincing that content marketing is a key strategy to engage customers – but too many organizations try to juice returns by generating more content through more channels with little or no results.

  • Are you and your team pushing out more and more content with no results?
  • Is your website content talking to your client or decision maker without a content strategy?
  • Are you tired of writing and not ranking on Google search?
  • Are you paying for expensive PPC campaign that doesn't pay-off?


Because online marketing is a difficult topic to learn. Well, at least it was till now.

Sure you can read long blog posts that teach you what to do, but you will probably get lost and won't do much with the information. Join us for our three-part webinar series and learn how to develop a buyer-centric content strategy to help guide your content framework.